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Gentle Facials

Nourishing Detox Facial
A nourishing detox facial that commences with deep cleansing of the back, lymphatic facial massage and a marine mask with hand harvested seaweed leaf strips.

Reviving Facial
A relaxing cleansing facial suitable for all skin types enriched with anti oxidant algae complexes and pro collagen organic extracts to give the natural glow one needs.

Corrective Facials

Aroma Lift
A 'non-surgical' face lift that combines the electro puncture and energizing drainage to lift and firm the skin.

Collagen Activator for the Face by Alma RF™
The alternative to surgical procedures, non-invasive, state of the art technology using a controlled amount of deep heat energy transmitted into the deeper layers of the skin to produce new collagen resulting in skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and improved smoother skin and younger appearance.


Collagen Activator for the Eye by Alma RF™
A skin tightening treatment to reduce dark circles and to tighten the skin around the eyes.

Collagen Activator for the Neck by Alma RF™
A skin tightening treatment dedicated to the delicate skin around the neck and décolleté area by activating collagen and elastin.

LPG Endermolift - Face
This exclusive anti-aging endermolift technique redensifies in depth the skin and erase the signs of aging. Tired, dull complexions are revived by reoxygenating of the skin and reactivating the natural production of collagen and elastin.


LPG Endermolift – Eye
The gentle, yet deep lift action redensifies the skin to smooth lines and wrinkles (crow's feet and brow furrows). By optimising circulatory exchanges, liftmassage decongests puffy eyes and erases dark circles.

LPG Endermolift - Neck
This skin tightening treatment is designed for the thin, delicate skin of the neck and décolleté area. As collagen and elastin production are reactivated, a dramatic increase in skin elasticity is achieved.

Bust Lift

Aroma Bust
An effective firming and toning treatment for the bust. The body formula and stimulating oil improve the skin's elasticity and firmness of the bust area.

Pampering Massage

This classical massage is exceptionally beneficial in increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension. Using smooth, long gliding strokes and kneading, this massage is excellent for complete body relaxation and rejuvenation.

Uses finger pressure and stretching techniques to work on the body's acupuncture points, meridians and energy channels to alleviate body stiffness, muscle pulls, anxiety and energy congestion, promotes and restores the balance of 'chi'.

La Santé Signature
A unique combination of Swedish and Shiatsu techniques to provide deep tissue and muscle tension relief. It helps to improve one's circulation and energy level in complete harmony. Using AngelicusSerratus, the world's only certified organic seaweed massage containing organic hand-harvested FucusSerratus that is highly detoxifying and supports skin regeneration and renewal.

Therapeutic Massage

Stress Relief
A very gentle and soothing massage that helps to decrease the levels of stress hormone cortisol and increase the white blood cells that are part of the immune system, helping you fight against colds and flu and at the same time relief muscle tension and revive one's energy level.

Seaweed Hot Stone
Heated volcanic stones are used to massage away the tightness in your muscles and help to relax them. They are then placed onto organic seaweed leaves all over the body. The dual action of the heat of the stones soothes body muscles whilst releasing precious extracts from the seaweed to your body.

The practice of applying pressure to the feet to stimulate energy pathways and promote healing effects on corresponding parts of the body.

Body Exfoliation

Lavender Sugar Glow
Our organic lavender buds and cane sugar gently remove dead skin cells, while the seaweed extracts heal and soothe your skin. The calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory organic lavender essential oil will calm and heal your skin and soul. This treatment is excellent for delicate skin.

Bladderwrack Body Buff
Let us scrub your body head to toe with certified organic ground powdered bladder wrack body buff (FucusVesiculosus). It is the ultimate treat for tired and dull skin. The anti-oxidants of our mineral-rich bladder wrack seaweed combines with our signature seaweed massage oil to offer a powerful organic way to better skin.

Peppermint Sugar Glow
Our organic peppermint leaves and cane sugar gently remove dead skin cells while the seaweed extracts uplift and renew your skin. The fresh, penetrating and invigorating organic peppermint essential oil will bring a new life to your skin and revive the senses.

Organic Sea Salt Glow
Luscious dead sea salts and organic seaweed oil, a combination which hydrates the skin, stimulates blood and lymph flow while firming skin tone and increasing lustre. It can remove dull skin and also refine skin texture.

Wellness Body Exfoliation

Soap Brush
A signature body exfoliation treatment performed on the heated and automated Aquaveda bed, enhancing body circulation, skin vitality and glow. Foamy therapeutic Aphrodite soap is spread all over your body before your therapist gently scrub away dead skin cells with a pair of hand mitts.

Hand and Feet Care

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Spa Manicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure

The ultimate pampering treatment for stressed, dry and chapped hands and feet, using the best of organic products to condition shape and buff nails and cuticles. Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure treatments include soothing sea salts muscle soak and revitalizing scrub. Our nail colours are completely non-toxic, safe to use by mothers-to-be and does not contain toluene, formaldehyde and DBPs. Beautiful hands and feet is the ultimate goal.

Therapeutic Body Wrap

Mermaid's Purse
This nourishing, deeply hydrating and detoxifying wrap is excellent for tired, dry and dull skin and helps to stimulate blood flow and while promoting cell renewal.

Ocean Essence Body Envelopment
By combining detoxifying FucusSerratus and cellulite reducing Laminariadigitata, Oceas Essence, a dual active wrap, rejuvenates your skin, improves your skin tone and stimulates your blood and lymph flow. It provides a long lasting smoothing and moisturising effect and help against cellulite and muscle fatigue.

Tangle Me Up
Relaxes your tired and lethargic muscles, relieves your stress and fatigue. It tones and firms skin and helps fight against the skins of ageing and cellulite. Its anti-oxidant compounds help to protect against cell damage from environment and pollution.

Signature Seaweed Leaf
Visualize your entire body being wrapped with the finest seaweed, hand harvested from the ocean to ensure the highest content of bio-actives is preserved. Our organic Laminariadigitata is an ultimate treat for tired and dull skin. This luxurious organic marine algae detoxifies, firms and softens the skin and assists in the draining process, thus improving the appearance of cellulite.


Lazy Days
Close your eyes and imagine you are swimming in the ocean, submerging your body into a luscious bath of organic, hand harvested Atlantic seaweed, FucusSerratus. The bath is designed to remove unwanted toxins and revolutionise your skin care. This bathing ritual is the simplest and purest of all organic treatments! With its Organic Status approved by the USDA, Lazy Days utilises the natural power of organic hand harvested seaweed to deeply moisturise the skin, increase circulation and promote healing.

Aroma Bath Infusion
Relaxing bath infused with a blend of organic essential oils of lemon, lime, clove, basil, mandarin and patchouli to awaken your senses, enhance breathing and leaving your skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth. Our Aroma Bath Salts can have fantastic benefits for your body, from their anti-ageing properties to their healing qualities which have many therapeutic benefits such as treating skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema.

Seaweed Peat
An ancient traditional therapy of a dark deep relaxing bath that will soothe away your body's muscular aches and pains, relieving stress and fatigue. Peat was traditionally used for a variety of skin and rheumatic conditions and offers a potent detoxification, due to its trace elements, vitamins and lipids. Combined with the infusions of organic blend of spicy peppery ginger with cinnamon herbs this bath invigorates the body, mind and soul.

Wellness Therapy

Dry Body Brush
Using a firm Horse Hair bristled brush to remove dry and dull skin, continued with a relaxing and soothing Stress Relief Massage using seaweed massage oil to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system to promote detoxification and enhancing skin texture.

Seaweed Peat Ritual
An ultimate stress relief therapy which includes an invigorating Seaweed Peat Bath, a gentle full body exfoliation using a horse hair bristled brush, a head to toe heated blanket body wrap in seaweed leaf strips and a restorative head massage. The bio active contents in the seaweed promote firmness and softening of the skin.

Wellness Antidote

Aroma Detox
A body detox heat treatment using a heated blanket and powerful cinnamon extracts to help your body eliminate toxins and fluid retention.

Aroma Total Body
An anti-cellulite treatment using lymphatic drainage in the form of glass cupping system maneuvered on various parts of your body to eliminate fluid retention, promote detoxification and break down stubborn fat deposits.

Herbal Bath
A uniquely European heated chamber (sauna) infused with natural herbs of Rosemary or Chamomile or Lavender. This treatment helps to relieve stress, improve respiratory function and enhance blood circulation in the body.

LPG Draining
This exclusive treatment has a dual action to restore venous flow and skin suppleness. Unparalleled efficacy, microcirculation and fluid exchanges are revitalized to clear away unhealthy congestion and blockages.

LPG Relaxing / Jet-Lag
This energizing treatment stimulates reflex zones to release stored energy. As a result, the body quickly recuperates and adapts to the time change. This mechanical massage is a great remedy after a long flight.

Therapeutic Body Mud in Salt Grotto

The beautifully designed Salt Grotto is a salt and steam infusion room embellished with Swarovski crystals. This place is used for therapeutic mud wraps which help eliminate toxins from the body and relieve the body from any muscular aches and pains. Choices of mud are:-

Healing Earth
A relaxing and purifying mud that deep cleanse the skin and assist to combat rheumatism or joint

Rock Oil Fango
A therapeutic mud for rheumatism, gout, phlebitis and muscle tension as it activates microcirculation and the lymphatic system to promote detoxification.

Dead Sea Mud
Pure dead sea mud enriched with minerals and trace elements to relieve tensed muscles, tired and painful joints.

Slim and Shape

Aroma Slim
This is an anti-cellulite body wrap treatment, using a heated blanket is designed to break down stubborn fatty deposits.

Body Contouring by Alma RF™
Using the state of the art Accent Ultra machine with its radio frequency technology for advanced deep controlled heat therapy activating collagen to contour and slim the body, improve cellulite and tighten sagging skin.

Body Reshaping by Alma Ultrasound™
A novel treatment using state-of-the-art ultrasound technology for a safe, non-invasive and painless body reshaping, the first real alternative to surgical procedures – with no down time, recuperation period, and uncomfortable side effects. The ultrasound technology of resonance vibration technique reacts selectively to provoke the immediate and gradual break up of fat cells membranes. As a result the fat layers will continuously collapse and compact after treatment, resulting in a safe and effective lipolysis for long lasting results.

LPG Lipomassage - Slim and Tone
Cellular stimulation slimming treatment performed with LPG lipomassage technology with specific roller heads to target treatment areas to reduce cellulite, tighten skin and tone and sculpt your body. By activating the lipolysis process and eliminating those resistant fat pockets that refuse to budge with weight loss, diets and exercise, this non-invasive treatment is like having a deep pressure mechanical massage.

LPG Body Firm
Cellular rejuvenating treatment that restore skin resilience and tiredness by increasing tissue elasticity and tightening loose and sagging skin, as a result, body firmness is improved.


Gentle Facial

Relaxing Facial
A relaxing cleansing facial suitable for all skin types enriched with anti oxidant algae complexes and pro collagen organic extracts to give the natural glow one needs.

Corrective Facial

LPG Detox Energising Lift
A Liftmassage treatment that is applied to the face and neck area, thestimulation of this application drains toxins and purifies the skin. Oxygen isrecirculated throughout the atrophied and suffocated tissues to brighten the skins complexion.

Wellness Antidote

LPG Relaxing / Jet-Lag
This energizing treatment stimulates reflex zones to release stored energy. As a result, the body quickly recuperates and adapts to the time change. This mechanical massage is a great remedy after a long flight.

LPG Draining
This exclusive treatment has a dual action to restore venous flow and skin suppleness. Unparalleled efficacy, microcirculation and fluid exchanges are revitalized to clear away unhealthy congestion and blockages.

Slim and Shape

LPG Lipomassage
Designed especially for men, this body sculpting treatment is applied tospecific problem areas the torso, pectorals, abdominal muscles and back.

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