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  • Power Sculpt - An overall body sculpting workout using weights and body weight as resistance for a well-defined body contour.
  • Fat Burner - Interval training which alternates cardio and weight stations for a massive calorie burning session.
  • Dynaflex – A class which uses the force production of muscle and body’s momentum to dynamically move the joints while the muscles are being stretched.
  • Weight Circuit - Total body strength training to enhance muscular strength.
  • Muay Thai - Muay Thai and fitness training combined that will work your arms, core, and legs with its constant punching, kicking, twisting and ducking for more fun fat burning workout!
  • Stretch & Breathe – The process of incorporating breathing techniques while stretching which allows our muscles to relax and provides better elongation.
  • Core Blitz - A comprehensive core exercises to improve strength in the core and develop sculpted abs.
  • Hilo Jam - Hi-lo impact movements with high energy music to boost cardiovascular endurance and burn calories.
  • Fitness Tracking – A one of a kind adventurous experience that surely keeps your heart pumping and muscles moving while exploring the lush green forest and with the mystery that surrounds the jungle.
  • Body Balance - A revitalizing workout that combines a series of stretch routines, poses and core training with music for a thoroughly refreshing, holistic workout. The body balance workout heightens flexibility and movement while also reducing stress levels and improving well-being.
  • HIIT - A workout technique that mixes bouts of hard or all-out effort with short periods of rest. HIIT sessions have been proven to be one of the most effective (and time-efficient) methods for increasing endurance, burning calories and improving overall fitness.
  • Functional Circuit - A combination of cardio conditioning with functional strength training. Fun and effective for improved fitness and sports training.
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