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Fitness & Yoga

La Santé, the venue for the cultivation and realization of potentials in fitness. For some, we strive to incorporate fitness regime into the individual’s everyday life. For others, we strive to elevate individual fitness level to greater heights. We offer riveting fitness and wellness activities befitting each and every individual programme we offer.

1x complimentary of Yoga session per stay. ***subject to availability

Weight Loss

Fat Burner

Interval training which alternates cardio and weight stations for a massive calorie burning session.

Power Sculpt

An overall body sculpting workout using weights and body weight as resistance for a well-defined body contour.

Cardio Blast

Hi-lo impact movements with high energy music to boost cardiovascular endurance and burn calories.

Body Combo

A combination of cardio, strength and flexibility exercise for a total body workout and the improvement of the functionality of the body.

Jump & Pump

This body weight heart-pumping cardio conditioning training is an effective tool to burn calories in the body.

Power Yoga

Fast paced and strenuous exercise, creates a unique cardiovascular workout to burn calories and strengthen your heart and lungs.

Vinayasa Yoga

Stimulates metabolic activity levels and helps to tone your body, giving it shape and definition.
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Brisk & Stretch

An endorphin releasing cardio exercise that elevates the heart rate and stretch routines for relaxation.

Dynamic Stretch

Improve your flexibility and range of motion with dynamic stretch movements.

Stretch Away

Loosen up all the tight muscles in a series of muscle releasing movements for an improved flexibility and posture.

Basic Stretch

An easy-to-follow basic stretches routine for the before or after a workout session.

Pranayama & Sun Salutation

This yoga routine stretches and strengthens all major muscle groups in the body and increases flexibility and vital energy.
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A series of cardio workouts in a circuit for an effective body fluids circulation which accelerates body detoxification.

Detox Drainage

An effective calorie-burning and detoxification regime with intervals of cardio machines exercise.

Detox Lymph

Clear your lymphatic system with toxin-releasing workouts.

Detox Intense

Alternate high intensity cardio and callisthenic type exercises for detox effect.

Detox Flow

Special sequence of postures focuses on twists and breathing exercises, eliminating toxins and restoring the flow of energy in the body.
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Stress Relief / Fun

Asana & Pranayama

This yoga practice helps to detox, de-stress and boost one’s energy for good health and vitality.

Chanting & Yoga Nidra

A good session to relieve the daily tensions, anxiety and other emotional problems.

Hatha Yoga

A great activity to recharge, relax and be ready for the day.

Gentle Yoga

A slow-paced stretching class to learn basic poses and relaxation techniques.

Pranayama & Meditation

A great way to increase energy, relieve stress and tension.
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Fit for Life

Weights Circuit

Total body strength training to enhance muscular strength.

300 Workout

A series of high-intensity resistance training for improved muscular endurance and muscle toning.

Power Conditioning

An overall body conditioning routine, which includes basic callisthenic-type drill, weight training segments and core sculpting exercises.

Functional Circuit

A combination of cardio conditioning with functional strength training. Fun and effective for improved fitness and sports training.

Sprint Relays

A fast-paced group interval training incorporating basic cardio and body weight exercise stations.

Ashtanga Yoga

This vigorous style of yoga practice puts strength training and cardio workouts together resulting in a healthy body with a strong and clear mind.
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Balance Up

Improve your body balance and activate your core with simple poses.

Nature Walk

Loosen up and breathe the fresh air while you exercise with easy going walks

Recharge Yoga

A great Yoga routine to recharge, relax and be ready for the day.

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga offers a unique element to a couple by fortifying trust and communication while building strength, flexibility and balance in a fun intimate way.
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Localised Sculpting

Core Blitz

A comprehensive core exercises to improve strength in the core and develop sculpted abs.

Upper Tone

A comprehensive upper body exercises for a well defined arms, chest and back.

Lower Tone

A comprehensive lower body exercises to improve muscle tone on the bum and thighs.

Upper Sculpt

A combination of upper body and core exercises for a sculpted arms, shoulders and abs.

Lower Sculpt

A combination of lower body and core exercise routine for the sexy legs and abs.
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