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Spa Overview

Spa Overview

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La Sante LogoLa Santé is the first European concept spa in Asia and the jewel in The Chateau’s crown. Combining the best of European spa expertise with renowned Asian hospitality, La Santé offers a complete organic experience to a discerning clientele who wishes to embark on a journey toward wellness.

Well trained spa personnel deliver tailor-made and individualized therapies and programmes which include Stress Relief, Body Sculpt, Wellness Getaway, Fit for Life, Beauty Essence, Body Pamper, Total Beauty, Couple Retreat, Body Cleansing, Fitness Fusion, For the Men as well as Pre Natal Therapy and Post Natal Remedy programmes.

Apart from the extensive range of spa treatments, our guests will benefit from the professional nutritional consultation that unveils a realistic yet adequate nutrition plan. Equally important is our mission to incorporate fitness regime into the everyday life of our valued guests, inciting interest and know how on the path towards a complete wellbeing.

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Spa Overview
Spa Overview
Spa Overview
Spa Overview
Spa Overview

The Chateau offers definitive destination spa rituals that are integral to the experience of its European inspired, state-of-the-art and organic spa, La Sante.


The essence of beauty to preserve youthfulness, enhance radiance and luminescence.

Body Cleansing

Body-cleansing ritual that is essential to one's well-being.

Body Pamper

Body indulgence programme that is designed to pamper and condition your skin.

Body Sculpt

A specialized slimming plan dedicated to improve your body contour.

Couple Retreat

A journey to discover the joy of togetherness.

Fit for Life

A programme for the fit to enhance strength & endurance.

For the Men

A special programme crafted just for the men to revive and rejuvenate.

Post Natal Remedy

A necessary remedy to recuperate and reenergize your mind and body.

Pre Natal Therapy

A delightful therapy for expecting mothers to gain inner strength, vitality and peace of mind.

Spa & Golf Retreat

A golfer's paradise retreat combining the best of golf & spa, this programme is the ultimate retreat for those who love golf.

Stress Relief

Stress-relief therapy to regain inner balance, relieve tension and reenergize the mind & body.

Total Beauty

A complete beauty & body enhancement programme.


Signature wellness experience designed to attain the equilibrium of one's body and soul.

Wellness Getaway

A perfect escape to recharge your body and mind.

Wellness Retreat

A sampling of a complete wellness experience.