Impressive personalised service!!
My husband & i love our stay @the chateau! From the clean luxurious facilities to friendly & amazing staff, namely our rep Mark, our bulter Francis, my spa therapist Vanessa, and the rest of the staff, thank you 4 making our short stay lovely And th chateau sprung many nice little surprises like personalised bf at belie vua on our last morning, complimentary desserts, fantastic candle light dinner by the french chef, delicious in-room dining foods..there are so much more that we cant express much in words.. We are looking fwd 2 try the spa suite with outdoor jacuzzi. So please welcome us like you've had 4 our past stay.


Best Resort
The best resort in malaysia!
There are no 2nd close competitors.

Dr. Raymond Tan

One of the best
Excellent, One of the best experience in our life! Thank

Mr.John Simoes

Amazing Experience
My experience was nothing less than amazing. We loved it! Great atmosphere and refreshing. Made us feel calm and relaxed. I highly recommend The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort to all, specially couple binding.``

Mr. Abdulrahman Mansour M Shathili

Premier resort
Staff was very hospitable, friendly and very accommodating. Very peaceful & quiet. ``With such a wide choice of holiday spots in Malaysia to choose from, Le Chateau must be considered a premier resort. The service, food & ambiance was simply outstanding. I would not hesitate to fully recommend with the utmost confidence. A pleasurable & exquisite stay at the chateau spa & organic wellness resort to anyone.``

Ms.Lydia Gertrude Fredericks

Impeccable service
``Impeccable service. I truly enjoyed my stay here! Good Job!``

Ms.Jessica Tan Cailing

The spirit of service
The spirit of service was evident in every aspect of our stay. You guys rock. Keep up the passionate service.

Mr.Balasubramaniam S/O Ramiah

Excellent Service & friendly staff
This is Excellent place to rewind. Service is Excellent, over friendly staff , and very efficient. Housekeeping is Excellent. We will definitely revisit again and stay at the spa for 10 days or more. Would like to mentioned the following staff with whom we interacted and have made `` The Chateau`` such an incredible place.

Mr.Somji, Ibrahim Asgherali

Two thumbs up
Beyond excellence! We really loved +enjoyed our stay here! Two thumbs up! 🙂

Mr.Risdewi Sutrisno

1st Class
Superb 1st class service

Mr. Rajaraman Munusamy

Beyond our expectation
``Our stay was beyond our expectation.Service,Staff,Food and environment was excellent. We would highly recommend this hotel. Thank you!``

Mr. Mark Cairns

Best Service
Beautiful place, best service experience in Malaysia we have had.

Mr. Daniel Sang Ting

The Paradise
You Created a paradise - staff well trained'.

Mr. Kluy Ezechiele

Memorable experience
IT was a memorable experience, I will definitely be back. Every service was above our expectations from the staff hospitality to the ambience. Thank you for a memorable experience'.

Mr. Nabil Said Salim Al Abrawi

Excellent stay
Overall and excellent stay without address comments. Congratulations!

Commander Leong, Malaysia

Best Hotel
Staff are very polite and helpful. To name a few; Jose, Alexander and Prem. Thank you very much. To rest of the staff Belle Vue and Reception keep up the wonderful service culture

Primila Ganesh, Malaysia

Over all everything was excellent
The best
This hotel is fabulous. I choose Chateau to celebrate my Wedding Anniversary.. Now I can say that I will remember it for the long time, cause I've spent a really great time there. Hotel staff is really friendly, services in Chateau are on excellent level. I travelled a lot, and tried spa all over the world, so I can say that spa here is one of the best. This is wonderful place for relaxation, and luxurious holidays. Everything there is organic, and I can call it eco-friendly tourism. Thank you!! Will definitely come back there someday!

Sharan G, Malaysia

Very Good resort
Will be interesting to come back when it is busier and see if High standards are maintained.

Monsieur Stevenson, United Kingdom

Everything and everbody was amazing!!
Amazing setting in the mountains with The French Village next to it. Friendly,attentive staff, comf.


We can't thank the staff enoguh. Everyone goes above & beyond to ensure you have a PLEASANT STAY

Mr. Gary William Anderson

Best Resort
``So far the best resort in Malaysia that we have stayed at! You just got a regular customer. Will be coming soon! Keep up the excellent work!``

Mr. Ashish Tyagi

First class
The most wonderful relaxing experience. First class service from every member of the staff. We will be recommending to all friends! Thank you from both Gary & myself.

Mr. Gary William Anderson

I am back to the chateau
I was here a year ago and a year later, I am back to the chateau, I am impressed with the service quality and this place was still well maintained. I would like to give the credit to all the employees here that provided the excellent service and we hope this will maintain and we definitely will recommend to friends and family. Will definitely be back again! Thank you!``.

Mr.Raymund Lim Yu Zhu

Above expectations
``Everything is above our expectations. Thank you for your excellent service! We are one happy couple-smile``

Ms.Mastura BTE Sulaiman

Best hotel
It is the best hotel around because it's very comfortable to stay and a very friendly staff and professional team in all departments.

Ms.Afifa Nadia Abdul Rahim

One of the best
One of the best Malaysian Resort ,we have stayed in! A hidden gem.

Mr.Deepak Sadasivan

7 stars
Fantastic service. Will definitely visit the place again. 7 Star experience. Kudos to he entire team including the waiter and waitresses at the La'Vie restaurant.``

Mr.Kuldip Singh Kelvinder Singh

Top Class
Top class services from the staff and a wonderful place to be.

Ms. Jiduraina Haji Ibrahim

Best Hotel
one of the best hotels I have stayed and I have stayed in many. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Can give specific names as all of them are excellent''

Mr. C Viji Chanderagasan

Great Service
Everything is excellent to us till the moment we checked-out. Keep up your great services and see you again!!

Mr. Fakrul Anuar Husain

Superb experience
It was definitely a superb experience. The smile & great customer care of all the staff made our stay very enjoyable. Special thank you to the nutritionist, Shiela for her excellent customer care and genuine interest in our health and in making our experience here memorable. Her diagnostic and friendly attitude were truly admirable. A real asset to the resort!'.

Ms. Wong Lun Sang Kelly

Best Hotel
Very proud that is a Malaysian product. Standards/Service surpass expectations. Love ambience. Unobtrusive hospitality. Positive word of mouth assured. Amazing people. Very in tune and personally of guests. Particularly Guest Services Manager JoseKawai, Stanley Restaurant Manager, Michael and Beverly in Front Office.

Karen Tan, Malaysia

Overall excellent
Overall excellent, above expectation

Mr. Mogana Kumar, Malaysia

Very nice Spa
Very nice Spa, the staff was very attentive.

Monsieur Lane, United Kingdom

Excellent stay
Very friendly staff, very helpful. Excellent stay.

Monsieur Bergmann, Germany

We really enjoyed our stay here
We really enjoyed our stay here even though it was short. The service was beyond our expectations. It was ever attentive and it made us feel like a real VIP. We will definitely be back for more. Keep up the good service level and the cleanliness and comfort!!!

Ong Peng Meng , Malaysia


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